Orthodontic Concerns

Addressing orthodontic concerns is more than just improving the appearance of your smile, but it is also about correcting problems that affect your oral health and the comfort of your bite. Finding the right solution for your concerns can help you achieve a more balanced smile. As a result, patients can improve their long-term dental health and restore function and beauty to their smiles.

Flower Mound, TX orthodontist Dr. Wayne L. Sankey offers personalized treatment plans for patients of all ages. Whether you are dealing with a minor or complex orthodontic concern, our team can assess your needs and create a plan that is right for you.

Dr. Sankey and our team take pride in providing conservative solutions for a wide range of orthodontic problems. From misaligned teeth to complex bite disorders, Dr. Sankey can provide the evaluation, diagnosis, and comprehensive solutions you need to address your needs and improve your smile.

orthodontic concerns in Flower Mound TX

What Causes Orthodontic Concerns?

Orthodontic problems can be influenced by a wide range of factors -the most common being genetics. Genetics can play in role in the development of your teeth and jaw. For instance, genetics can contribute to the amount of spacing between the teeth and determine if you have extra, impacted, and overcrowded teeth.

In other instances, poor dental habits such as thumb sucking, gum disease, dental trauma, premature tooth loss, and tongue thrusting can contribute to the development of malocclusion. No matter the cause, it is important to addresses dental concerns to help prevent future issues and restore balance to your teeth and jaw.

Dr. Sankey and our team at Flower Mound Orthodontics are committed to providing high-quality solutions for all of your dentistry needs. We encourage patients of all ages to visit our orthodontics practice for an evaluation. With the results of the evaluation, our team can recommend the best solution for your smile.

Benefits of Orthodontics

  • Improves Life Long Oral Health: Straightening crooked teeth can lead to better oral health. In many cases, straighter teeth are easier to clean, less likely to develop tooth decay and tooth damage, and also minimize your risk of developing gingivitis and gum disease.
  • A Beautiful Smile: A beautiful smile can help improve a patient’s confidence, self-esteem, and overall appearance. Addressing your orthodontic concerns can help you get one step closer to your ideal smile.
  • Improved function: Certain types of orthodontic concerns can affect a patient’s bite and dental function. By correcting issues such as deep bite, underbite, and overbite, we can help improve your dental function and restore your ability to eat and chew comfortably again.

Common Orthodontic Concerns

Many people struggle with orthodontic issues at some time or another. Our team offers comprehensive solutions for many common types of orthodontic issues. To determine which solution best suits your needs, Dr. Sankey will examine your smile and discuss all phases of your care.

Crooked teeth

Crooked teeth can effect not only your smiles appearance, but also its function. Realigning crooked teeth can improve patients confidence in their smile, along with the function of their bite. To learn more about crooked teeth, see Crooked Teeth.

Open bite

Open bite is when the upper and lower teeth do not make any contact when biting down. This not only impacts the appearance of your smile, but it effects your bites function and a patients ability to speak clearly. We commonly treat open bite in our office. To learn more about open bite, see Open Bite.

Deep Bite

Deep bite, also known as an overbite, is when a patients upper teeth overlap the bottom teeth when the jaw is closed. This may effect a patients ability to speak clearly, chew, and breathe through their mouth. It may also change the shape of a patients face. To learn more about deep bite, see Deep Bite.


An underbite is when a patients bottom teeth protrude past their upper teeth. This may effect the appearance of the patients face, but also effects the function of the bite and ability to speak clearly. Dr. Wayne Sankey has experience treating underbite in our office. To learn more about underbites, see Underbite.


Overbite is one of the most common forms of bite misalignment that we see in our office. If left untreated it can cause developmental issues in children. We suggest that children receive orthodontic treatment for this issue sooner rather than later. To learn more about overbite, see Overbite.

Orthodontic relapse

After orthodontic treatment, some patients may experience relapse, anywhere from months to years after. Our team makes it their goal to prevent orthodontic relapse and maintain your bite after it has been corrected. To learn more about orthodontic relapse and how we prevent it, see Orthodontic Relapse.

Schedule A Consultation

At Flower Mound Orthodontics, we invite patients of all ages to visit our practice for the care they need. Dr. Sankey and our team offer personalized orthodontic treatments in a comfortable and inviting environment. We strive to create the most positive experience for each of our patients. If you are seeking a second opinion or need to schedule an evaluation, visit our Lewisville area orthodontic practice. To schedule an appointment for you or your child, call 972.833.8212 or request an appointment online.