Orthodontic Services

Orthodontic treatment is not recommended purely to address the appearance of your smile. Orthodontic treatment can improve many malocclusion (bad bite) and jaw structure concerns. Malocclusion often occurs as a result of poor tooth or jaw alignment. It can affect the way a patient chews, speaks, and can care for their smile.

Dr. Wayne L. Sankey and our team are committed to providing personalized orthodontic solutions for patients of all ages. We work closely with our patients to assess their oral health and build a custom plan tailored to their unique needs. Our aim is to provide our patients with the solutions they need to smile comfortably and confidently again. If you are looking for a Flower Mound orthodontist near you, visit our orthodontics office for a consultation with our team. We also provide second opinions.

Orthodontist in Flower Mound Texas with patient

Orthodontics For Children

Early orthodontic treatment allows for early detection of orthodontic problems and minimizes the risk of future complications. As the teeth and jaw develop, a personalized orthodontic treatment plan can help encourage proper jaw and tooth development.

Our team can carefully monitor your child’s growth and development and recommend treatment when deemed necessary. We also take the time to discuss patient education resources to ensure our patients are making the most out of their visit; this may include reviewing the best oral hygiene practices for braces, retainer care, or how to maintain a healthy smile.

Sometimes, we may recommend waiting and monitoring the development of your child’s smile before they undergo orthodontic treatment. This limits the need for excessive office visits and unnecessary treatment. At Flower Mound Orthodontics, our goal is to do what is in the best interest of the patient’s long-term dental health and wellness.

Orthodontics For Adults

Orthodontic treatment is not just for children- it is never too late to straighten your smile. Realigning a crooked smile or addressing other forms of malocclusion can restore function and health to your teeth and underlying bone structure. Our team takes pride in providing comprehensive, personalized treatment plans for patients of all ages.

Receiving orthodontic treatment later in life can help improve your self-confidence, as well as improve the stability and function of your teeth and gums. In complex cases, malocclusion or an unbalanced bite can contribute to tooth loss, gum disease, and tooth wear over time.

During your evaluation, Dr. Sankey will examine your teeth and jaw to determine the best possible treatment for your unique needs. At the time of your appointment, we can create your unique treatment plan, as well as discuss your treatment expectations, length of treatment, and cost.

Conservative Orthodontics All Under One Roof

Our team proudly welcomes patients to visit our family-friendly orthodontics office. Dr. Sankey takes pride in taking a conservative approach to orthodontics; we only recommend treatment when deemed necessary.

To aid in the consultation process, we utilize advanced technology and high-end materials to monitor and track your teeth and jaw development and determine if a patient needs orthodontic treatment. We aim to help patients achieve a more comfortable and functional smile through personalized treatment planning and high-quality orthodontic care.

Our Orthodontic Offerings

Your long-term dental health is important to our team, so we strive to provide the solutions you need to improve dental health and enhance the aesthetics of your smile. Depending on your needs, we may recommend one or more solutions to improve your smile.

  • Invisalign Clear Braces: Invisalign is a discrete form of orthodontic treatment. It consists of clear aligners that progressively shift your teeth into place. Invisalign is typically used to treat minor misalignment and works faster than traditional braces. To learn more about Invisalign, see Invisalign Clear Aligners.
  • Metal or ceramic Braces: Metal or ceramic braces are typically used to treat minor or more severe tooth misalignment. This treatment consists of brackets that are attached to each individual tooth with a metal wire connecting them. Patients typically wear these brackets for about 12 to 18 months. To learn more about braces, see Metal or Ceramic Braces.
  • Two-Phase Treatment: Two-phase orthodontic treatment typically begins in early childhood, before adult teeth have erupted. The first phase is when children have their primary teeth, and the second begins once they have their adult teeth. To learn more about Two-Phase Treatment, see Two-Phase Treatment.
  • Orthodontic appliances: Dr. Wayne Sankey uses a variety of orthodontic appliances to correct tooth and bite alignment. some appliances are permanently fixed in the patient’s mouth for a while, while others are removable. To learn more about orthodontic appliances used in our office and what may be best for your needs, see Orthodontic Appliances.

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We look forward to helping you achieve a beautiful and healthy smile. Visit Dr. Sankey and our team at Flower Mound Orthodontics for a consultation. To schedule an appointment, call 972.833.8212 or request an appointment online.