Orthodontic Relapse

What Is Orthodontic Relapse?

Some patients may experience orthodontic relapse years after completing their orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic relapse occurs when the teeth shift after a patient has undergone and completed orthodontic treatment. Addressing orthodontic relapse is key to protecting the integrity of the bite as well as prevent further shifting of the teeth.
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Dr. Wayne L Sankey offers personalized solutions for children and adults and works closely with each patient to minimize their risk of orthodontic relapse. Our team aims to improve the function and appearance of your smile. Our goal is to prevent future relapse and equip our patients with the tools they need to maintain a healthy smile. To learn more about your options, visit our Flower Mound, TX orthodontics office.

What Causes Orthodontic Relapse?

Orthodontic relapse can be caused by a variety of factors. Dr. Sankey will examine your bite and perform a comprehensive exam of your teeth and jaw to determine the underlying cause of relapse.

Common causes for orthodontic relapse may include:

  • Teeth Grinding: Grinding and clenching can put a strain on the teeth, which can eventually impact the positioning of your teeth.
  • Genetics: Genetics can play a role in the alignment and position of the teeth and jaw.
  • Missing Teeth: Tooth loss can create gaps between the teeth, causing tooth shifting and misalignment.
  • Wisdom Teeth: The wisdom teeth typically emerge during the late teens or the early twenties. As the wisdom teeth develop, they can put pressure on the neighboring teeth, which may cause them to shift.
  • Age: The teeth can weaken patients age. The enamel begins to break down, which leaves the teeth more susceptible to shifting.

What Are The Treatment Options For Orthodontic Relapse?

Treatment for orthodontic relapse will depend on the severity of malocclusion and the degree of tooth misalignment. Our team at Flower Mound Orthodontics offers comprehensive solutions and in-depth oral exams to correct an orthodontic relapse. We may recommend one or more of the following solutions to treat orthodontic relapse:

Retainers For Orthodontic Relapse

At Flower Mound Orthodontics, we custom retainers to suit the needs of our patients. Dr. Sankey can adjust and replace retainers for optimum comfort and fit. Our goal is to equip our patients with the tools they need to achieve a more aligned smile.

Can My Teeth Shift With A Retainer?

Retainers are designed to prevent the teeth from shifting. In the event that your teeth shift with a retainer, you will need to get fitted for a new retainer.

How Long Does It Take For Teeth To Relapse?

On average, it typically takes up to a year for the teeth to stabilize after treatment. While the teeth naturally want to shift into their original position, a retainer can help prevent shifting and allow the teeth to stay in their post-treatment condition.

Find Treatment For Orthodontic Relapse in Flower Mound, TX

If you would like to discuss your post orthodontic care options, Dr. Sankey and our team at Flower Mound Orthodontics can work with you to coordinate the care you need. To explore your treatment options, visit Dr. Sankey for a comprehensive consultation. To schedule your appointment, call 972.833.8212, or request an appointment online.