Why Your Teen Will Love Invisalign

Teenage years are awkward enough as is. When you add braces to the mix, your teenager may begin to feel self-conscious and stop acting like their normal, confident selves. It’s important to be compassionate toward the needs of your teenager. If they are stressed about the idea of getting traditional metallic braces, consider Invisalign.

Invisalign is Invisible.

Your teenager will love Invisalign because it is an invisible way to get orthodontic results that will benefit them for a lifetime. Invisalign involves multiple sets of clear, retainer-like appliances that gradually apply pressure to the teeth and encourage them to straighten over time. Traditional metal braces rely on brackets, wires, and bands to shift the teeth, which can draw more attention to the mouth than desired. With Invisalign, your teen gets to maintain the aesthetics of their natural smile while also improving the alignment of their teeth.

Invisalign is Removable.

No one wants to get food stuck in their braces during school lunch. It can be difficult for your teen to take care of their braces at school as well. This is a source of discomfort that can be avoided with Invisalign. The Invisalign aligners are not only clear, but they are also removable. This means your teen can remove the aligners before eating or drinking and enjoy their lunch period.  As long as the aligners are worn at least 22 hours out of the day, your teen will get the same results as they would with metallic braces, only without the discomfort of wires and brackets.

Less Dental Appointments

From school clubs, sporting events, and homework assignments, your teenager has a lot going on. Their after-school hours are precious and also very limited. We understand the importance of limiting your teenagers ‘ time spent in the dental chair so that they can get on with their days. With Invisalign, your teenager will need fewer dental appointments than they would with traditional appointments. A few check-up appointments will need to be scheduled to ensure that the treatment is working as predicted, though there is no need for wire-tightenings or band replacements like with traditional braces. As a result, your teenager will spend less time in the dentist’s office and have more time to spend doing what they need (or want) to do.

Easier Oral Hygiene

Your teenager will have an easier time keeping their smile healthy with Invisalign than they would with traditional braces. Traditional braces require diligent oral hygiene care to avoid plaque and tartar buildup around the metal brackets. If your teenager is still getting the hang of good oral hygiene habits, it might be in their best interest to try Invisalign. Invisalign’s removable quality allows your teenager to remove the aligners before brushing their teeth so you don’t have to worry about them neglecting their oral hygiene.

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