Help Your Teens During Orthodontic Treatment

Teenagers are under a lot of pressure to succeed academically, fit in with their classmates, and adjust to changes in their bodies after puberty. The teenage years are a prime time for orthodontic work, too, on top of other stresses in this period in their lifetime. As a parent, you want to support your child through every step in their lives. Dr. Wayne Sankey, an orthodontist in Flower Mound, TX, offers advice for parents wanting to help their teens when they have braces or other orthodontic treatment.

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Avoid buying bad foods

Parents want to ensure their children eat properly so they can stay healthy. When your teen begins orthodontic treatment, you must also consider which foods they should avoid to protect their appliances. Young patients with metal braces should not eat sticky, chewy, or hard food because this could dislodge brackets or wires from their braces. This includes caramel, chewing gum, and popcorn. If foods like these are not stored in the house, your teens cannot be tempted to eat foods that can harm their orthodontics. Some teens can get Invisalign. These clear-colored aligners can be removed while eating, ensuring their diet will not disrupt their orthodontic progress.

Be aware of emergencies

While you may encourage your teenaged children to be careful with their orthodontic appliances, accidents can happen to anyone. Prevention of these mishaps is possible. For instance, if your teenager plays a sport, it can be beneficial for them to wear a mouthguard to protect teeth and appliances from potential trauma.

If something happens to braces or aligners, you should contact your orthodontist as soon as possible for an appointment to replace or repair the appliance. In the meantime, you should have orthodontic wax on hand to protect your child’s mouth from brackets or wires that may be out of place.

Offer encouragement

Orthodontic work takes time and patience, and the process can be frustrating to patients of all ages, especially teenagers. Listening to them can be an immense show of support. You can also offer encouragement in response that the process will be worth it in the end. They will have a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime. It can be a relief for them to know that you are there for them during this phase.

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