Widen a Narrow Mouth with Orthodontics

If your smile appears tapered, and your molars are hidden when you smile, you may have a narrow palate. Some patients do not mind this shape in their mouths, but others may worry about the appearance or function of their smiles if they are too narrow.

Whether you are an adult or a pediatric patient, your orthodontist can use orthodontics to widen your smile. Dr. Wayne Sankey, an orthodontist practicing in Flower Mound, TX, describes the orthodontic treatment you can experience if you want to amend your narrow palate.

palatal expanders Flower Mound Texas

Do I Need Treatment for a Narrow Mouth?

Many individuals do not mind the way that their teeth look if they have a narrow mouth. However, some orthodontic patients may need a wider palate if they seek treatment for straightening their teeth.

In severe cases, a narrow palate can cause speech issues and impact the patient’s ability to close their mouth. An orthodontist may highly recommend orthodontic treatment to resolve the issue if it affects the function of a patient’s bite.

How Can an Orthodontic Appliance Widen My Palate?

If you want to widen your mouth, your orthodontist will likely recommend a palatal expander. This orthodontic appliance is fixed to the upper arch of teeth. The patient uses a key to slowly crank the device and push against the molars to widen the jaw.

This treatment works well with young patients whose jawbones have not yet fused into place. The expander can be useful for adults too, though the treatment may take longer. Your dentist can evaluate your unique smile to determine the most effective way to get your desired results.

Will I Need Braces Too?

In many instances, an orthodontist will recommend braces or Invisalign after treatment with a palatal expander to straighten teeth that may have shifted out of place. This orthodontic treatment can finesse a dental patient’s smile to achieve optimal cosmetic results.

In some cases, Invisalign or braces can help a patient make their smile appear wider. While these treatments cannot widen the jawbone, they can realign teeth to make them look less narrow.

Find Optimal Orthodontic Treatment in Flower Mound, TX

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