When Should My Child Visit an Orthodontist?

Bite misalignment and crooked teeth may develop for a wide variety of reasons, including genetics. You may notice these concerns in your adulthood, but did you know that an orthodontist can begin amending these malocclusions in your youth?

If you are considering teeth straightening treatment for your child, learn more about pediatric orthodontics from a highly qualified professional. Dr. Wayne Sankey, an orthodontist practicing in Flower Mound, TX, addresses frequently asked questions by guardians regarding early orthodontic intervention in young patients.

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Why Do Dentists Recommend Early Orthodontic Evaluations?

When children begin to lose their baby teeth, you may notice that their permanent teeth have grown into place crookedly or irregularly. An orthodontic professional can check their jaw structure and teeth positioning to ensure bite problems will not hinder their oral health.

This early involvement of an orthodontist will allow them to provide treatment if needed before the adult teeth fuse into place in the jaw. This can prevent complications that may arise when teeth are not aligned. For instance, malocclusions may make it difficult to practice good oral hygiene, which may mean your child could be at a greater risk of cavities and other dental problems.

How Can I Tell When My Child Should See an Orthodontist?

There is no right or wrong age for a patient to visit an orthodontist for the first time. But dentists say that kids can attend an orthodontic evaluation after all of their baby teeth have fallen out. This usually happens between the ages of 9 and 14.

If you recognize a severe bite misalignment or facial dissymmetry in your child, you can schedule an appointment with an orthodontist sooner. Mouth breathing, thumb sucking, lip biting, difficulty speaking or chewing, and other oral concerns are all signs that your child may need orthodontic treatment. An orthodontist can perform a thorough exam of the patient’s teeth to determine the specific types of treatment that may be necessary.

Is Orthodontic Treatment Possible for Adults?

Young patients might be more likely to experience faster results from their orthodontic treatment as their permanent teeth may not yet have fused to the jawbone. But patients of all ages can benefit from an orthodontic evaluation and treatment.

Older patients may need to wear braces or Invisalign for longer than teenaged patients in order to achieve the smile of their dreams. Malocclusions may have also caused other oral health problems that will need more intensive treatments, such as tooth extractions or jaw surgery.

Braces and Other Orthodontic Treatments in Flower Mound, TX

Flower Mound Orthodontics provides braces, Invisalign, and other orthodontic solutions for teens and patients of all ages in Flower Mound, TX. If you have crooked teeth or concerns about your bite, call Dr. Sankey for an evaluation. To schedule a consultation or appointment with our practice, contact our staff by phone at 972.833.8212 or reach our office online.