How Do Orthodontists Make Invisalign?

Many patients enjoy the comfortable and secure fit of Invisalign. This treatment uses clear-colored aligners that a patient wears each day to shift teeth into a straighter position in the mouth.

The orthodontist makes Invisalign on an individualized basis for each patient. This personal touch ensures that patients receive devices they are ready and eager to use to get the results they desire. Read on to learn how your dentist will use this approach to build custom aligners to straighten your smile.

Invisalign process Flower Mound Texas

Take Digital Impressions of a Patient’s Smile

Your orthodontist will first want to evaluate your dental structure before starting Invisalign treatment. They will take digital impressions of your smile, which will generate 3D images of the current alignment of your teeth and jaw.

Compared to messy physical molds that orthodontists used to employ, patients can feel comfortable when the scanning system quickly obtains pictures of their teeth. The results will show up on a screen right after the scan. This way, an orthodontist can see them as soon as they can.

Establish Personalized Smile Design

The orthodontist consults the impressions of a patient’s smile to come up with a personalized treatment plan using Invisalign. They can see how long and what types of subtle changes in the aligners they need to make to get the patient’s unique smile into a straighter position.

Each smile is different and will require different care. Your orthodontist understands this and will build aligners that will suit your unique needs and factor in your medical history as well as your desired results. They can adjust their strategies to suit both adult patients and teens.

Construct Custom-Made Aligners in Dental Lab

The impressions of your smile will also be used to construct your Invisalign aligners. They are made from plastic and will be clear in color. They are made to fit a patient’s specific smile so that they feel comfortable as well as secure.

Patients will need to wear Invisalign for most of their day. So a well-fit appliance helps to ensure patients will comply with their treatment plan and wear it as instructed. The firm fit will satisfy patients who may worry that their aligners will slip out of place at an inopportune moment.

Pick Up All Necessary Aligners from the Office

The custom-made Invisalign may take several weeks to complete. Your orthodontist will call you to the office to pick them up once the dental lab finishes them. You should receive all sets of aligners for the duration of your treatment at once.

Wear the aligners as outlined, which should include swapping out the appliances every two weeks. This subtle change in aligners will allow the teeth to shift according to plan gradually.

You may need to see your orthodontist for check-ups during this treatment to ensure it is going to plan still. Follow care advice for your aligners to keep them looking and feeling their best.