Do I Need Orthodontic Repair?

When you seek treatment from an orthodontist to straighten your smile and amend bite problems, you will likely receive therapy involving oral appliances. These could mean fixed palate expanders, removable Invisalign aligners, or metal braces. Though designed with durability in mind, accidents can occur that lead to damage to these devices.

If you sustain damage to your orthodontic work, do not hesitate to tell your orthodontist. Ignoring broken orthodontia could hinder your treatment and hurt your oral health. Read on to learn about three indicators that you should call your orthodontist as soon as you can to fix your braces or other appliances.

treat tooth pain with emergency dental care

Signs You Need Emergency Orthodontic Treatment

Severe Tooth Pain

When you undergo orthodontic treatment, you likely use braces and other appliances to shift the position of your teeth or the shape of the jaw. This can make you feel sore as these changes take hold, especially right after you get braces tightened by your orthodontist. This type of pain is both expected and normal, and it will usually fade within a few days.

But if this pain becomes unbearable or extreme, you should let your orthodontist know. They will likely provide you with pain management advice in the event of mild pain at home.

But if over-the-counter medicine does not resolve your symptoms, seek help from an orthodontist. You should not have to suffer through extreme pain. It could point to a larger problem that your dentist can help with. Do not hesitate to contact your orthodontist’s office.

Broken or Loose Oral Appliances

When you have braces, expanders, or other oral devices in your mouth, your dentist will give you care advice to make sure they remain in place without issue. This can include lists of foods that could cause harm to your appliances if you eat them, like hard or chewy snacks.

But accidents can happen to even the most diligent patients. If a bracket or wire breaks from your braces or other orthodontia, contact your orthodontist. A snapped wire could injure other parts of your mouth, so it will need urgent repairs.

Loose brackets could prove to be a choking hazard too. So talk to your dentist about potential emergency orthodontic care that can repair this damage to your braces. You do not want to put your oral health at risk, so do not ignore this issue.

Interference or Irritation from Dental Fixtures

Sometimes a blow to the face or other accident might shift your appliances without breaking them entirely. This type of damage to your orthodontia could still be a dental emergency. Ill-fitting wires could rub against the teeth or gums in a way that causes irritation, pain, and even bleeding.

Avoid discomfort and potential damage by seeking prompt repairs for interfered with orthodontic devices. Partially shifted appliances could make it hard to speak, eat, or perform other oral functions. You do not have to endure these disruptions to your schedule. Protect your treatment and your overall oral health by calling your orthodontist about any concerns.