Do Orthodontics Affect Other Dental Work?

Straightening your teeth with braces, Invisalign, and other orthodontia can give you a beautiful, aligned smile that you can feel proud of. Straighter smiles will also help you keep your teeth healthy. But you might wonder if undergoing orthodontic treatment will affect your ability to receive other dental work.

Aligning your smile can take months or years, and you might require other dental treatments during this period. Fixed appliances on your teeth like braces will not stop you from getting the dental care you need. Read on to find responses to frequently asked questions regarding other types of dental work and how braces affect them.

dental work with braces on teeth

Can I Get Braces If I Have a Dental Implant?

One reason a patient might hesitate to get braces or other orthodontic treatment is that they have existing fixed dental work in their mouths. A dental implant features an anchor surgically placed in the jaw, making it unable to be moved. But this tooth replacement treatment will not inherently stop you from getting braces.

Your orthodontist will evaluate your existing dental structure, including any prior dental work, and find a personalized treatment plan to suit your needs. They may focus on the teeth in other areas of the mouth, working around the implant.

Patients with dental crowns or veneers can also receive braces if needed. This dental work features caps attached to the teeth. So an orthodontist can use special methods to adhere brackets to these caps without harming your prior dental work.

Can I Whiten My Teeth with Braces?

As your braces align crooked teeth, you might wonder if they will inhibit you from other cosmetic dental solutions. For instance, you might want to whiten your teeth for a special occasion during your orthodontic treatment.

While brackets from braces cover a section of the surface of your teeth, you can still whiten the areas around these brackets to brighten your smile. If you do want a whiter smile, you should talk to your dentist or orthodontist to find the best way to accomplish your smile aesthetic goals.

Dentists can apply whitening gel around your braces to make your smile brighter. This will not affect the unexposed parts of your teeth though. You may also employ whitening toothpaste to give your teeth a bright appearance.

What If I Get a Cavity While I Have Braces?

Most people will suffer from a cavity in their lifetime, and this early form of tooth decay can also affect your teeth during your orthodontic treatment. A dentist can still treat a cavity when you have brackets from braces on your teeth.

Dentists can drill and fill a cavity around your brackets, but if decay forms close to the brackets, they may need to remove the bracket to restore your smile. Then you will need to see your orthodontist as soon as you can replace the bracket. Practice good oral hygiene to reduce your risk of cavity formation.