Combat Fear of the Orthodontist

Teeth-straightening treatment from an orthodontist can improve your oral health, function, and aesthetics. While you can preserve your teeth and get the smile of your dreams, some people might feel nervous about undergoing this type of dental work. Dental fear is common, affecting about 20% of adult patients.

But if you do not face this fear, you could miss out on crucial care for your smile, like orthodontics. You can work with your orthodontist to alleviate lingering nervousness about visiting their office.

Then you can experience a smoother and more positive time in their care. Read on to find advice from your orthodontist to conquer anxiety related to your treatment and upcoming appointments.

Combat Fear of the Orthodontist

Make Preparations Before Your Appointment

If you recognize you feel nervous before your orthodontist appointment, you can start to prepare for the visit ahead of time. Consider relaxation and mindfulness methods that will soothe your nerves and bring you comfort.

Some people might find deep breathing exercises beneficial, and they can carry the resulting calm energy with them to the orthodontist’s office. You can bring music with headphones with you to the office as well to help you feel more at ease at the office in the chair.

You might want to bring a loved one with you who can make you feel more comfortable too. Your orthodontist can recommend more advice about inducing a more relaxed feeling in their care when you give them a call.

Ask Questions About Your Orthodontic Treatment

An orthodontist can work with you to alleviate anxiety, but you must first let them know about how you feel. Be honest about your nervousness regarding orthodontics, and then your orthodontist can assist you and make you feel more at ease in their office.

Orthodontists work with patients of all ages and have the training to treat kids and adults effectively. This means they can apply the prioritization of nervous kids’ comforts to adult patients too. They have the expertise and experience to assist patients of any comfort level.

Asking your orthodontist questions about your treatment can help you feel calmer in their office as well. The orthodontist can maintain open communication with you during each step of your treatment process to ensure you stay informed and comfortable.

Practice Compliance with Your Treatment Plan

You can feel more relaxed knowing what will occur during your orthodontic treatment. And this treatment will have a better chance of proceeding as planned when you adhere to your orthodontist’s instructions.

Many orthodontic solutions, like Invisalign and retainers, involve patients wearing their appliances as directed. If you do not wear these devices properly or often, then you could delay or disrupt the treatment. This may mean you need to visit the orthodontist more frequently and the treatment may last longer than anticipated.

So to save money, time, and stress, you will want to complete your treatment according to your orthodontist’s guidelines. Call your orthodontist with any questions or concerns about your treatment.