Aligned Teeth Prevent Dental Emergencies

Many people may worry about crooked teeth because they disrupt the appearance of your smile. However, they may not realize that dental alignment concerns affect their confidence in their appearance. And also misaligned teeth could put their oral health in danger.

You could face a higher likelihood of many types of dental emergencies if you have teeth with gaps, overcrowding, or other misalignments. Fortunately, you can meet with an orthodontist to find a personalized treatment that can straighten your smile and eliminate these potential dangers. To encourage you to make this appointment, read on to learn details about the risks that malocclusions might introduce to your smile if left untreated.

Aligned Teeth Prevent Dental Emergencies

How Can Crooked Teeth Harm My Oral Health?

When you have a misaligned smile, a number of complications may develop. First of all, the crooked teeth or jaw may mean your bite cannot close properly. This will distribute uneven pressure throughout your mouth every time you chew or bite.

As a result, you can strain the muscles in the jaw, leading to temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ). Then you could experience chronic pain, stiffness, discomfort, and dysfunction in your jaw that will not go away without dental intervention.

Bite problems may also mean you exert more wear and tear than usual on your teeth. You could erode your enamel, weakening the teeth and increasing your risk of a dental injury. This may also lead you to damage your dental work, like dental fillings, which will need urgent repairs from a dentist.

People with crooked teeth might also have trouble practicing thorough oral hygiene. Their hygienic supplies might not reach all areas of the mouth. Then, plaque and other harmful residues will remain on your smile after you brush your teeth and floss.

Plaque will eat away at your dental structure and spread bacteria through your mouth. This will heighten your risk of gum disease, tooth decay, and other dental dangers. If these issues progress, you could face irreversible dental damage.

Benefits of Aligning Your Smile

As you can see, dental misalignments will endanger the look and feel of your smile in many ways. An orthodontist can evaluate your unique dental structure to find a treatment that will straighten your teeth and your jaw. Then you can notice multiple improvements in your overall oral health.

For instance, you can save time and money by requiring less dental work for oral health problems like gum disease or cavities. Straighter smiles can better resist these dental concerns. Then you can feel less stressed about your smile in the long run. If you worry about the cost of orthodontics, talk to your orthodontist’s office about financing options.

People with straighter smiles can also feel confident in their teeth. Their smile will appear more aligned, but it can better fight staining and other cosmetic concerns because it will be stronger thanks to better oral hygiene. They can also feel more comfortable because they can find relief from jaw pain and even have fresher breath.