What Causes Crooked Teeth in Adulthood?

Many people aspire to have straight teeth aligned in a gorgeous smile. But teeth can grow crooked for a number of reasons. Genetics and childhood behaviors are some of the more common reasons dental patients form alignment issues in their smiles. Then, an orthodontist can provide teeth-straightening treatment while the patient is young.

But adults can develop dental alignment issues later in life as well. If you know more about the causes behind why teeth may shift out of their straight positions, you can better prevent the issue.

An orthodontist can straighten the teeth of adults as well as young patients. But you can also take preventative measures to preserve the alignment of your smile. Read on to learn about three factors that may make teeth grow crooked in adult orthodontic patients.

What Causes Crooked Teeth in Adulthood

Neglected Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene refers to the practice of removing plaque and other harmful build-up from your teeth. You must brush your teeth twice a day and floss daily on a consistent basis so that residues do not accrue on your smile.

Excess plaque that lingers on your teeth if you skip brushing or flossing can cause irritation in your gums as well as allow bacteria to spread easily. Then you can have a high risk of contracting gum disease, an infection in your gums.

The gums can swell as well as recede if the infection progresses. Then your teeth may shift out of their usual position and become loose in the mouth as a result.

This can lead to alignment issues in your smile and even put you in danger of tooth loss. So make sure you stick to thorough and regular oral hygiene practices to preserve your smile.

Poor Oral Habits

Developing teeth in pediatric patients can be susceptible to crookedness and bite problems if they have bad oral habits. Kids tend to suck their thumbs, bite their lips or nails, and perform other behaviors that can push the teeth into misalignment.

Adult permanent teeth are fused in a more fixed position in the smile. But if you have bad oral habits in adulthood, the teeth might still become crooked in the wake of chronic poor behaviors.

For instance, if you grind your teeth, the excess pressure can make the teeth crooked over time. Talk to your dentist or orthodontist to resolve poor habits before they harm your smile.

Impact Trauma

Sometimes, even with diligent preventative oral health efforts, you can suffer an accident that hurts your teeth. People who engage in high-contact sports might have a higher chance of suffering a blow to the face that might generate enough impact trauma to affect their dental alignment.

Make sure you wear protective oral appliances when needed, especially in these high-risk activities. If you do suffer a blow to the face, visit your dental professional right away to prevent further harm from affecting your smile. An orthodontist can amend crooked teeth with Invisalign or other orthodontic solutions when you give them a call.